Flooding: How to be Safe During Floods

Kenya and the East African region are experiencing flooding which meteorologists link to the El Nino phenomenon, dozens of lives have been lost in the process and property worth millions has been destroyed by the raging floods. As the situation threatens to get out of hand, here are tips on how to keep safe during this period.

1. Listen to the Weather forecast on the radio, social media or local news stations for the latest information.

2. Don’t drive through flooded roads. Cars can be swept away in only two feet of moving water. If your vehicle is trapped in rapidly moving water, stay inside the vehicle. If the water keeps entering the car, seek refuge on top of the roof.

3. Do not wade through flowing water. Most drownings occur during flash floods. Six inches of fast-moving water can knock you off of your feet.

4. Do not drive around road barriers. Roads and bridges may be washed out or are structurally unsound.

5. Avoid camping or parking along streams, rivers, creeks, or other areas prone to flooding during heavy rainfall. These areas can flood rapidly and with little warning.

6. Stay out of damaged buildings and away from affected areas; roads or bridges until authorities deem them safe.

7. Move to a higher ground to avoid the risk of drowning.

And finally

8. Follow instructions given by public safety officials.

Share this information and stay safe. DON’T BE A FLOODING VICTIM, FLOODS KILL…

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