Mission: to provide a hygienic and a pleasant environment to students in the hostels.

The department is charged with responsibility of providing housing to the students and a clean environment to all in the college. There are residential hostels, within and outside the college.

Rule and Regulations

The students residing in the hostels MUST adhere to the following rules and regulations;

  • Pay accommodation charge as set by the management per month or per semester.
  • One is expected to stay in the allocated room throughout the semester unless where a prior arrangement has been made with the office to move into another room.
  • Money once paid is not refundable or transferable.
  • Students are not authorized to cook in their rooms – College hostels.
  • Any damages to facilities provided in the room or within the premises will be charged.
  • Tenants are responsible for the cleanliness in their rooms.
  • Toilets, bathrooms and sanitary bins (for ladies) must be used properly and in a hygienic manner.
  • No unauthorized visitors will be allowed in the rooms unless with permission from janitors, matrons or the security officers.
  • Members of the opposite gender are not be allowed in the hostels.
  • Tenants are kindly requested to observe good neighborly behavior by avoiding anti-social activities including excessive noise to create a conducive environment.
  • Tenants should conserve energy and water by putting off lights and taps when not in use.
  • The management reserves the right for room transfer, admission or expulsion from the hostel.
  • Billing for the whole semester will be done at the beginning of the semester
  • There shall be no sharing of beds.
  • Cafeteria utensils are not allowed in the hostels. Any utensil found in the rooms will attract a penalty.
  • No washing clothes in rooms or washrooms. No throwing litter or waste foods through the windows.
  • Students will not be allowed into the hostel after 11.00 p.m.
  • If found with stolen school property or other students’ property, the student will be expelled from the college hostel and will be required to go through the college disciplinary process and or the legal process.
  • Accommodation charges Ksh. 2000 per tenant per month payable in full at the beginning of the month Not later that 5th every month or else attract a penalty of Ksh 500.
  • Tenants are required yo clear with the office before going going home or else attract a penalty of Ksh. 1000.
  • Losing a hostel will incur a cost of Ksh 500 for replacement.
  • Students must give one month notice before clearing or else attract a penalty of Ksh 1000
  • Maintenance fee of Ksh 500 every semester.

Room Allocation

A student will be allocated a room on condition that;

He/she presents an official receipt of hostel fee paid to the finance office

He/she Fills hostel application form duly signed by the student that he or she adheres to the rules therein.

The student must be bona fide student of the College.

Student’s responsibility

Students should be responsible; the rooms are shared. They are expected to take care of their property and ensure security in their rooms by locking them properly.

Movement of hostel furniture is prohibited. In addition;

Visitors are not allowed to sleep in the student’s hostels.

No cooking with stoves or boiling water with the heaters.

Student is to produce students hostel ID card to access the rooms.  


The amenities i.e bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, wash hand basins and corridors are shared and should be kept clean.

Sanitary bins

All the ladies` washrooms have sanitary bins which must be used appropriately to maintain hygiene.     

Lecturer rooms and compound sections 

The college lecture rooms are maintained by support staff. However, students are expected to be responsible while handling furniture and maintain cleanliness.

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