School of Hospitality & Social Sciences

True hospitality is about creating meaningful connections with people from all walks of life. Through the study of social sciences and the art of hospitality, we learn to understand and appreciate the diverse perspectives and cultures that make our world so rich and beautiful.


James K. Ozidda

What we offer

This program offers skills that prepare our graduates to work in the dynamic and multifaceted field of Hospitality. Highly talented and motivated students learn theoretical and practical concepts from capable faculty members so as to efficiently meet the high demands of the industry.  The course provides training on the corporate and administrative side of the industry, operational competencies, event management, investment, market study and proficiency in working on and eventually operating a Hospitality and Tourism business. Students also gain exposure through practical training in top notch facilities, participate in varsity career seminars, class excursions and undertake industrial attachment.

Courses we offer

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