Why Study Building and Construction?

Building and construction is one of Kenya’s fastest growing industries, essential skills for the construction of vital setup such as buildings, bridges, roads, airports etc. is therefore important to ensure that such infrastructure is constructed and safety and longevity is guaranteed.

A robust real estate market supports economic growth by attracting investments, creating housing opportunities, and fostering commercial development. At the Embu College School of Engineering we offer courses that are in line with the dynamic construction sector. Learning construction skills enables individuals to participate in the real estate industry, which has significant economic implications in terms of job creation, wealth generation, and revenue generation for the government through taxes.

Acquiring building technology and electrical skills allows individuals to contribute to urban planning, infrastructure upgrades, and the revitalization of urban areas. These initiatives improve the quality of life, attract businesses, and drive economic activity in urban centers.

Employment in the industry after learning these skills creates a wide range of professionals including engineers, project managers, skilled laborers, artisans’ etc. thus reducing unemployment rates. Furthermore, the industry has continually generated an increased demand for construction including cement, steel and wood not to mention electrical equipment and plumbing supplies, this creates a ripple effect by stimulating other industries and hence contributing to economic growth. Join the Embu College School of Engineering and contribute to the ever growing Building and Construction industry…

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