After a year of diligent service, Rotaract Club of Embu leadership 2021/22 smoothly handed over the mantle to a new team. Presiding over the transition, former Regional President Rotarian Nellie Njoki Kiragu ushered in the 2022/23 leadership in an event held at the Gerish Hotel, Embu. Immediate former President Rotaract Club EC – Richard Ndambiri who is also the former Secretary General of EC students\’ Council welcomed Ben Munene; the new Rotaract Club President. Also in attendance were former Rotaract Club EC President Andronicus Muija and Rotarian Dr. Patricio Njeru – A former Regional President of the club, as well as members and leaders of the club. Join Rotaract Club of EC today, interact with professionals, take part in community service and other interesting community-based projects.

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