Chairman\’s Message to Students

Over the past two decades Embu College has been at the forefront in ensuring that tertiary training is readily accessible at affordable cost for thousands of young people. Many of our Former Students are in jobs and businesses that are socio-economically transforming this country. For this contribution: we know we are blessed; we are gratified and glorify the Almighty; and We commit to this mission.

As encapsulated in H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda, the leadership of our country aspires for rapid industrialization of the country in pursuit of the twin goals of accelerated and sustainable development, and creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth. an efficient,motivated and well-trained public and private workforce is essential to the realization of Kenya Vision 2030. These nation goals and strategies provide the strategic thrust and priorities of the programs and courses that Embu College will either strengthen, or develop and introduce in coming years.

Embu College is where it is today because of the dedicated efforts of the parents, the students, the staff, management and leadership over the years. I am proud and gratified for the concerted and collaborative contributions that everyone in the College’s fraternity continues to make. There is nothing that gives me as much personal satisfaction as when: I meet a past parent, past student, past lecturer, past Principal, etc. in such places as the streets of Nairobi and they make an observation about “OUR” college.

The College’s success is also to a significant degree attributable to the cooperation and support that we have enjoyed over the years from the local community (especially our Blue Valley residents), our County and National Government agencies in Embu (especially those in education and security roles), our neighboring education institutions (including primary and secondary schools, University of Embu, etc.) and local businesses. On this note, I take this opportunity to thank all these stakeholders because they each have made an invaluable contribution to successfully and joyfully get us to this Far.

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