Time has come for you to sit down for your main exams. As you sit for your papers remember; “It is very important to be sober when you take an exam. Many worthwhile careers in the street-cleansing, fruit-picking and subway-guitar-playing industries have been founded on […]

Embu College Cultural Festival

It was a colourful Friday as Embu College marked its annual Cultural Festival. Themed “Embracing Peace and Cultural Diversity”, the event attracted students drawn from different communities who showcased their traditional cultural practices including dressing, dishes, songs and dances. Later in the night, students were […]

Embu College Anthem

“Chuo chetu cha Embu twaomba, Ewe Mwenyezi ukibariki, Tunapowahudumia wote wapate Elimu bora Mungu, Tupe maarifa ili tufaulu. Madhumuni ya taasisi yetu, Nikuwapa wote mafunzo, Ili Kesho waweze kujitegemea na kuwa vinara kote, Tuwe kwenye kilele cha Kenya. Tuwe Mwongozo wa Kenya yote, Kielimu nidhamu […]