Why Choose us

We offer you flexible study options to suit your lifestyle; you can choose to study full or part time at our campus.

Our Visions

To be a leading provider in quality tertiary education and training in East Africa.

Our Mission

To provide quality education and professional  training through a wide range of programs that prepare students to face the dynamic job market.

Our core values

Good discipline is an essential component to success not only in academics, but also in many spheres  of life, at Embu College we emphasize on societal values and morality, we aim to guide our students to be of good conduct in and after college.


At Embu College, we believe in professionalism, a student should embody the selfless nature of leadership in their daily life. This will reflect in their work as a team  member, it will be conveyed through professionalism, quality service delivery, innovation, creativity and commitment to duty.


In everything, we do in Embu College, we seek divine intervention and believe that the power of prayer strengthens our desire to succeed. Since its inception the institution has been dedicated to support religious societies for spiritual nourishment.