Tourism has globally been recognized as a worldwide economic activity fast tracking state economies in immense ways. Over dependence in agriculture has not enhanced sustainable development, hence the need for diversifying into untapped sectors that are not mainstream. Alternative tourism business is now more relevant, and resources manifest in extremes of people’s lifestyle to physical unexploited resources


This course unit aims to build on capacity and instil innovation in tourism and managing tourism destinations and their resources. It aims to provide students with key skills that enable them to partake in delivering tourism experiences. The course provides capacity building in areas of tour guiding, eco-tourism, public relations, tourism product development amongst others.

Career opportunities in tourism management are inexhaustible. Tourism developers can ensure that tourism destinations are properly taken care of; visitor regulation, policy formulation, establishing and identifying buffer zones and creating awareness amongst stakeholders on tourism destination resource development and preservation. As a tourism management student, you can work in a range of different settings in private, voluntary or statutory sectors. You can also work with conservationists, hoteliers, and community members.


1 year

Term Fee

Assessment methods

Written exam - 70%
Practical skills assessment - 30%

Module 1

  • Fundamentals of Tourism
  • Tour Guiding Techniques
  • ICT: 7 Passes
  • Communication Skills
  • French 1

Module 2

  • Travel Operations
  • Touristic Geography
  • Touristic History
  • French 11
  • Customer Care
  • Fauna, Flora and Environmental Studies