In today’s world there is an increase in the eating out patterns among the people. Human beings are now conscious about what they eat, drink and where they stay. We are coming out of just eating food but eating a balanced diet, free from cholesterol and less in fat. To make this come to reality, there is need for trained workforce who can not only produce food but produce food which is healthy and present it professionally to the customer to make him or her have the best experience ever. The course equips the learner with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable him or her to produce and serve high-quality food and beverages, provide the best accommodation to the guest and most importantly to make the guest feel welcome.


The course aims to enable the learner produce different types of food and beverage to the required standards, develop management skills to manage a catering and accommodation establishment, appreciate the need for good communication skills and apply entrepreneurship, marketing and management skills to start and run a catering and accommodation business.

Career opportunities in catering and accommodation are vast, enjoyable and excellent. Those qualified can work as food and beverage managers, restaurant managers,waitrers,bartenders,head chefs,chefs,room attendants,laundy supervisors, accommodation and catering managers, caterers and cateresses, customer care executives,nutritionists,air host and hostesses among others

2 Terms per module for 2 modules
Term Fee
ksh 18,000

Assessment methods

Written exam - 70%
Practical skills assessment - 30%

Module 1

  • Food and beverage Production
  • Communication skills
  • Food science and nutrition
  • Entrepreneurship

Module 2

  • Food Commodities
  • Catering premises and equipment
  • Food and beverage service
  • Food and Beverage Control